Justin Seow, Raffles Design Institute, Manila spearheads in welcoming the student this April intake together with other departments. The College welcomes the students, old and new to the newest school term. To old students; welcome back. To the new students, welcome to Raffles Design Institute Manila!


Participants and contest winners get a chance to work with Andra Clitan, our Fashion Design lecturer. The Fashion Design Workshop is entitled, Fast Forward Fashion 101, which will be tackling, developing themes, creating a contemporary collection, draping, and presenting their output at the end of the workshop. Here are some of them in their first day attending the workshop.

Success by Design Campus Contest

Our consultants visited schools for students who have passion for fashion. Winners have the chance to attend a workshop for free-if their work is chosen by lecturers (Visual Communication, Fashion Design, and Interior Design). Interested students were really excited of the idea even before it was officially launched. A lot of them were really looking forward to something like this since most of the schools they are in have minimal art exposure. This will surely be a not-so-ordinary summer vacation for the artsies!


Meggings - "Men wearing leggings"

Our Fashion Marketing & Management Lecturer, Alexandra Calado and FMM Student, Dann Nava got features in GMA's Saksi to talk about Meggings. Yes, it if for men and yes, it's becoming a trend. They shared their inputs on how meggings will takeover the fashion industry full-blast. Click here for video


Art Fair Philippines 2014

The visual communication department visited the Art Fair Philippines 2014 in Makati. Here are some of the artworks showcased at the event. Cheers!


Within the Walls with the Visual Communication Department

For their drawing class, the VC students visit Intramuros to create some impressions. Intramuros (Latin, "within the walls") is the oldest district and historic core of the City of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Also called the Walled City, the original citadel of Manila was the seat of government when the Philippines were a component realm of the Spanish Empire. Districts beyond the walls were referred as the extramuros of Manila, meaning "outside the walls". Check out more photos here.